5 Emergency Plumbing Tips Everyone Should Know About

Have you ever experienced a plumbing emergency, such as a burst water pipe, clogged toilet that floods your home, or even a kitchen sink that’s bubbling with water?

When such plumbing emergencies happen, there is no need to panic. Although most plumbing fixes need professional help, we’ve identified 5 basic plumbing tips can help you in case of unexpected problems and help you to avoid a plumbing disaster.

How to turn off the main water line

A burst pipe or any other similar plumbing problem can cause a lot of property damage. As a plumbing emergency rule, the faster you turn off the main water line to your home, the less widespread the water damage will be.

Make sure you know where your home’s water turn off valve is located and practice shutting it off. Usually, the valves are located in your front yard or even in the garage. Make sure everyone in your home knows this and instruct them to always turn off the water as the first step whenever there is a leakage.

How to repair leaky faucets

A number of leaky faucets can be fixed by washer replacement. You can get the washers from the local hardware store for just a few cents.

However, before you replace the washer, try to tighten the faucet at the base using a wrench. Only if this doesn’t work should you replace the washer. If both fixes do not work, the best thing will be to install a new faucet. For installation of new faucets, just follow the installation guide in the manufacturer kit.

How to unclog a drain

To unclog a drain, first turn off the water then try using a plunger to remove the obstruction. In a clogged sink or toilet, you can often fix the problem by plunging the drain.

To obtain best results, you should plunge rhythmically more than ten times in order to build up the pressure in the pipe. If the toilet or sink is draining slowly, use liquid drain cleaner. Beyond this point, you will need the services of a plumber.

How to stop a running toilet

A running toilet is normally due to failing of the flapper in the tank to properly seal or close. First, shut-off the valve behind the bowl to turn off water to the toilet.

Then, confirm if the chain needs adjustment or if it’s broken. If the chain is not the culprit, you may be required to replace the arm and flapper. This should be simple and inexpensive.

How to fix a leaky toilet

If water is leaking from the base of your toilet, confirm to see if it has shifted. Shifting can crack wax seal and hence allow seeping. You can fix this problem by twisting the toilet back into position. In case this doesn’t work, replace the wax ring. Beyond that, find a plumber and start doing homework on alpha boiler reviews.

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Now you’re better prepared for any plumbing emergencies that you may experience in your home. If you need professional help, cost information or more information for worcester bosch boilers just call us to speak to an expert.

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